Amanda Sedgwick Group “Bird’s Nest” 2019-04-13T15:03:15+00:00

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Amanda Sedgwick Group “Bird’s Nest”

This new sextet joined forces through their mutual love for modern jazz. The term ”bebop” has often been ill-fated, but this group puts exuberance back into this classic American style. Tunes by Tadd Dameron, Bud Powell, Arnett Cobb and Dizzy Gillespie are played in the three part harmony of the frontline, often in the original beautiful arrangements. Consisting of Amanda Sedgwick on alto sax and clarinet, Alexander Brott on guitar, Dwayne Clemons on trumpet, Carl Orrje on piano, Björn Lundén on bass and Mattias Puttonen on drums, this group has played at jazz clubs in Sweden, and also the occasional dance gig, disproving the fact that this music was constructed for the exclusive enjoyment of a concert audience.

Dwayne Clemons – trumpet
Amanda Sedgwick – alto sax
Alexander Brott- guitar
Carl Orrje – piano
Björn Lundén – bass
Mattias Puttonen – drums