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About Jazztv.se

Jazztv.se – a jazz channel on the web created by Bosse Lindström and Magnus Jonsson. Both have extensive experience in the professional sphere of images and sound. TV productions of jazz concerts starring both Swedish as well as other international musicians onstage are recorded in the highest sound and image resolution. Both of the founders play jazz as well as love jazz music, so Jazztv.se is a natural extension of their combined interests.

Behind Jazztv.se are a handful of collaborators:

Bosse Lindström
Bosse LindströmPhotographer, editor and producer
Bosse has worked in tv-production since the mid 70’s for a number of public and private companies such as SVT, TV4, TV3. He also has worked a number of years in Great Britain for Sky, Channel 4, and BBC among others.

Ann-Christin Hallgren
Ann-Christin HallgrenProject manager
Ann-Christin is a project manager, singer and choir director, qualified music, vocal and choir instructor as well as a voice coach. She has many years’ experience teaching music classes, coaching vocal students as well as working with choirs.
Matts Aldén
Matts AldénWebmaster
Matts is a system developer with great experience from many large web-based IT projects.
Magnus Jonsson
Magnus JonssonSound engineering/producer
Magnus has over 30 years of experience in Sound engineering, both from live scenes and studio production. He owns and operates today one of Sweden’s largest music studios in Norrköping.

Gunnar Ernblad
Gunnar ErnbladPhotographer
Gunnar is a photographer of many years, a trained actor as well as a well-known voice actor specialising in dubbing.