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Hasse & Tage Goes Jazz

Welcome to another concert from Skansen’s Blue Monday 2018. Today we celebrate Hasse Alfredson & Tage Danielsson, two legends in Swedish entertainment. Together they wrote, directed, produced and participated in comedies and films from the late 1950s to Tage Danielsson’s death in 1985. They wrote amazing lyrics to wonderful melodies. Svante Thuresson and Anna Sise present the best of Hasse & Tage’s music creations. Band leader is pianist Carl Bagge with his band:

Peter Dahlgren – trombone
Per “Texas” Johansson – tenor saxophone & bass clarinet
Nils Janson – trumpet
Per “Ruskträsk” Johansson – alto saxophone & flute
Max Schultz – Guitar
Martin Höper – bass
Chris Montgomery – drums

Welcome to a fantastic summer evening at Skansen