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Klas Toresson with Daniel Svensson trio – Part 1

Klas Toresson with Daniel Svensson trio is a new Swedish jazz group consisting of four musicians from Stockholm. Together they interpret songs from the swing and bebop repertoire.

Klas Toresson, saxophone, has his own quartet and trio but he also plays with bands like Glenn Miller Orchestra, Lisa Björänge Quintet, Blue House Jazz Orchestra, Claes Janson, Peter Asplund Big Band, Coastal Band and Vocation. Klas’s sound is characterized by a nice tone, a feeling of swing and great warmth!

Guitarist Daniel Svensson has a sound with roots in swing, bebop and cool jazz. He plays with his own group and with musicians like Jan Allan, Georg Riedel, Gunnel Mauritzson, Sofie Norling, Per Thornberg, Iceland Östlund and Erik Palmberg.

Pianist and organist Leo Lindberg has played with many famous jazz musicians in Sweden and abroad. Among others he has played with saxophonists Bernt Rosengren, Nisse Sandström, Amanda Sedgwick and Canadian Grant Stewart.

Niklas Fernqvist, double bass, tours Sweden and the world. He has played with most of Sweden’s jazz musicians, including Isabella Lundgren, Karin Hammar, Vivian Buczek, Klas Lindqvist and Lina Nyberg and others.

Klas Toresson – saxophone
Daniel Svensson – guitar
Leo Lindberg – piano
Niklas Fernqvist – bass