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New Things, New Tunes

Ekdahl Bagge Big Band from Stockholm, was formed by Per Ekdahl and Carl Bagge. The idea came from a common interest in big band as an ensemble form and a common desire to compose new music for that form. The band started in autumn 2014 and gave its first concert at the Scala theatre in Stockholm. The band has continued to play at Scala theatre regularly and in the spring of 2017 the debut album ”New Thing” was released.

Karl Olandersson
Nils Janson
Jonne Bentlöv
Emil Strandberg

Håkan Broström
Johan Christoffersson
Per Texas Johansson
Linus Lindblom
Fredrik Lindborg

Kristian Persson
Peter Fredriksson
Karl Frid
Kristoffer Siggstedt

Martin Sjöstedt

Carl Bagge

Per Ekdahl