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Bo Lindström, a well known cameraman and tv-producer, and Magnus Jonsson, an experienced sound engineer, met one evening in the summer of 2017 to discuss an idea close to both their hearts, Jazz. Bo has been working on television productions since the mid-1970s for Swedish Broadcasters like SVT, TV4, TV3 and various private companies. He spent several years in the UK working with Sky TV, Channel 4 and the BBC. Magnus has more than 30 years experience in audio technology, working on live productions and PA-systems for music as well as studio sessions. He currently owns one of Sweden’s largest music studios in Norrköping, 100 miles south of Stockholm.

A seed was sown that evening in the summer of 2017, and on February 1st this year, www.jazztv.se launched the streaming service, where concerts from all over the country’s jazz scenes can be seen via mobile-phones, computers and on TV. The main idea is to support Swedish jazz, and through close collaboration with the artists, bring the music to a wider national and international audience.

“Swedish jazz is extremely high quality overall, and held in high esteem too,” says Magnus Jonsson. “Everywhere in the country there is a great jazz-musician. It’s just a shame that they do not always reach out with their music.”

So every week they present two unique jazz concerts from Sweden with the best bands and artists in the jazz-genre. Bo and cameraman Gunnar Ernblad work with six cameras, two mobile and four fixed. Magnus records each instrument onto separate channels and everything is then edited, mixed and mastered back at the studio in Norrköping. The result is a high-quality concert, both in image and sound, in full HD and in stereo.
Bo and Magnus are jazz musicians themselves and it is evident in their productions; they know the music and the final products show an excellent choice of angles focusing on the artist leading the music at any given time.

”I am tired of watching concerts on television where the pianist is playing under a guitar solo, says Bo. As a musician, I want the camera to focus on the right soloist”.

www.jazztv.se offers new concerts each week by artists with varying styles, from swing to blues, funk and fusion, recorded on different stages across the country. The service is meant to benefit both the musicians and those who appreciate the amazing jazz scene that our country has to offer. Artists get a chance to reach out to their audience. And jazz enthusiasts who lack the channels to find the right music within their favoured genre finally get a place to meet. All material is unique and can not be found anywhere else.

Jazztv.se will also include reports, interviews with interesting profiles as well as workshops and seminars. As the idea is based on close collaboration with musicians and associations, 5% of all subscription revenues are also deducted and goes to support Swedish Jazz and development efforts within jazz in Sweden.


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